Health Insurance


Health Insurance

Service Requirements

Any healthy person from age (6) to (65) can apply for health insurance.

Service Fees

Premium health insurance fees should be stated with Appendix (5). 4_Annex 5.doc.

Required Documents

The proposed coverage of insurance should be mentioned in the application form and the applicant must be apparently healthy person.

Application Process

(1)Filling up of the application form,

(2)Making premium payment and issuance of insurance certificate.

Contact Address

Shall be stated with Appendix (2). 4_Annex 2.doc


The primary unit of basic insurance shall be applicable for the cost up to 60 days of hospitalization, at the daily rate of 20000/-Kyats, due to illness or accidents. The benefit shall be applicable to the hospitalization, which requires treatment for more than 3 days. 20 lakhs and 10 lakhs shall be provided accordingly to the death due to accidents or illness and permanent disability, respectively.