Border Trade Online System (BTOS)

Ministry of Commerce / April 09, 2018

Service Requirements

Requirements are described at .

Service Fees

Service fees are described at

Steps to Apply

(1) License data entry will be made at PIAC according to the documents and form that company’s agent has provided. After that draft application form will be printed to verify whether applied documents are correct or not. After verifying the application form by company agent, the application will be submitted online from PIAC to Import/Export License Department.

(2) All the draft license forms, except for those which entitle Exemption for import License fee, submitted from PIAC will be then submitted via online to Myanmar Economics Bank to pay import license fees

(3) After accepting import license fees from Myanmar Economics Bank, “Paid” will appear beside the License Data on the screen of Import Department.

(4) After checking the draft document and confirming from the authorized person, the license shall be printed out for the importer.

Note - For those goods entitle the exemption of import license fees will no need to be sent to bank and final license will be issued after verification by Section

Custom Clearance Processes

(5) In order to take part in custom clearance processes, ED/ID Forms can be obtained from Custom Department and draft forms are needed to be filled up after license application. According to draft Export/Import Declaration Form, custom department makes entry to BTOS system. As soon as entry shall be made, ED/ID Data will reach to Custom system.

Making Check/Update ED/ID Forms from Custom Department

(6) Verifying requirements in ED/ID Forms and depositing as per daily exchange rate of Central Bank will Check/Update from Custom Department.

Accepting PO from Myanmar Economics Bank (For Import Goods Only)

(7) Apply PO after verifying and approving ID by Custom Department.

(8) Myanmar Economics Bank will accept the payment according to PO (Payment Order) that is sent from Custom Department online.

Paying 2% Income Tax to Internal Revenue Department for ED/ID

(9) The 2% tax challan is processed with BTOS system at Internal Revenue Department. The challan will be then proceeded online to Myanmar Economic Bank.

Receiving (2%) Tax from Myanmar Economics Bank

(10)Myanmar Economics Bank receives the 2% tax with Internal Revenue Department’s challan via online (if it is an import product, bank service charges of 0.125% shall also be added). After that, Internal Revenue Department shall give permission as a recommendation in order to proceed ED related processes.

Printing ED/ID Form from Custom Department

(11)After verifying the necessaries for ED/ID requirements, Custom Department shall printED/ID form

Note – ED/ID Print shall not be applicable for ED/ID that has not paid 2% tax.


(12)Manifest data entry will be made at PIAC and printed out

Note - cannot proceed if ED/ID process haven't’ been made.)