Services rendered by Motors Transport & Workshop Department, Yangon City Development Committee

Yangon City Development Committee / April 19, 2018

The Services of Motors Transport & Workshop Department


Sewage Suction Truck Servicing Work

1.To Townships sewage suction trucks (34) and small trucks (19) are provided by sewage truck section in Yangon City Development Committee.

2.The kind of trucks to rent are 1200/800 gallons capacity big tuck and (400) gallons capacity small trucks.

3.It is collected the following rate

Srl Servicing Township Servicing Rate
Big Small
(a) Hlaingtharyar, Pelemyothit, wireless, haukkyaint Shwepyithar, padamyarmyothit 41000 Ks 32000 Ks
(b) Mingalardon, Insein, Mayangon, Ma/okalar, Shwepaukkan Thanlyan, Dagonmyothit,(ta/ ma/ shi/ Seikkan) 33000 Ks 26000 Ks
(c) Hlaing,Kamayout,Sanchaung,Kyimyindine,Ahlone,Tharketa,Ta/okalar, Thinkankyaun, Yankin, Dala 31000 Ks 24000 Ks
(e) Dagon, Bahan, Tamwe, Dawpon, Puzuntaung, Botataung,Pebedan,Kyauktatar,Latha,Lanmadaw,Mingalartaungnuynt 29000 Ks 22000 Ks

4. If you hired the Sewage Suction Truck contact Executive Officers or near (Dawpon shipyard bus stop) yamonna yard, Minnanda street and shukintahr street corner, Dawpon township or Sewage Suction Truck. Paid the money and hire during big and small car in office opening time 9:30 am and 2:30 pm.

5. Contact during office hour when regarding Sewage Suction Truck, Phone-09-450064276 and 09-262640496 .

Advance Facts for Prepaid to Hire Sewage Suction Truck

1. Analysis the hire, size of vehicle ( big/small) in the work, in and out of the house. If the Department can't reimburse that was in/out the works of Sewage Suction.

2. Home keeper is responsibility which can't in the motorway that driver review is necessarily what happened.

3. In prepaid contact phone will always being permanent.

4. The day and date of appointment, the one who can speak of work or business.

5. Sewage Truck Suction and Sewage pond is within 100 feet. If the feet is over 100 and not a sewage but trashes, ground soil, and sand, can't suck.

6. If Sewage Truck Suction is arrived, some of hire's deficiency and not being work, reimburse can't make it.

7. The form in which signature is writing if the Sewage Suction Trucks is finished and satisfaction.

8. When the notice Department, lf some cases because of day and date are't available on appointment.

9. It does't suck not only chemical waste and only water except the septic water.


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