Services rendered by Yangon City Bank from Yangon City Development Committee

Yangon City Development Committee / April 19, 2018

Banking Services

  • Accepting Savings Deposits
  • Accepting Current Accounts
  • Acceptance of a Fixed Deposit
  • Processing of payment order and certificate of insurance
  • Providing loans
  • Carrying out remittance operations
  • Opening an ATM Card
  • Performing Bank Guarantee
  • Payment by Electronic deposit​​​​​​​ 


Bank interest rates

  • Saving Deposit - Pay interest every three months at 5.50% per year
  • ATM Debit Card - Pay interest every six months at 8.50% per year
  • Fixed Deposit -(3) months – 6.25%
  • Fixed Deposit -(6) months – 6.50%
  • Fixed Deposit -(9) months – 6.75%
  • Fixed Deposit -(12) months – 7.00%
  • The interest rate on the loan is 12% overdrafts; Term Loan and Loan the system is charged 13%.


Interest rate on the loan

  • Loan - 10.00%
  • Term Loan - 10.00%
  • O/D - 9.00%
  • Service - 1.00%
  • YCDC Staff Loan - 10.00%
  • Unsecured Loan -14.50%


Other banks and remittance services

  • Ayeyarwady Bank
  • Global Treasure Bank
  • Myawaddy Bank
  • Yoma Bank
  • Rural Development Bank
  • Yadanabon Bank
  • Asia Yangon Bank
  • Remittance transactions to all other banks through CBM Net that we are working.


ATM Debit Card (MPU)

  • There is an MPU Logo by applying the ATM Debit Card of Yangon City Bank Payment can be made at Yangon City Bank's ATM Debit Card without having to carry cash at locations such as Supermarket (Citymart / Ocean / Marketplaces / SeinGayHar / Gamonepwint / Capital etc.)



  • Anyone who wants to get a loan from the Yangon City Bank is lending.
  • People who want to get a loan from Yangon City Bank:
  • Business must be a business owner including SMEs. Related business licenses and documents must be submitted.
  • The ancestral land that was named. Grant land and buildings on it the loan must be provided as collateral.
  • Credit limit It is also based on the relevant business good, depending on the land and the building that will be insured you can get a loan and set up a loan.
  • Loans can be granted depending on the bank's rate cut on.
  • The interest rate on the loan is 13% per year.


Types of Loans

  • Overdraft - One Year
  • Loan - One Year
  • Term Loan - Three Years


It is being collected on public by the Yangon City Bank Bank fees and other charges

MPU Debit Card Fees and Charges

  • Lost Card - Kyat 5,000 / - (Card Lost Fees)
  • Card Failure - Kyat 3,000 / - (Card damage Fees)
  • Opening Card Account - Kyat 3,000 / - (Card Fees)
  • Forgot your password and request a new password: - Kyat 3,000 / - (Pin Changes Fees)
  • Minimum card balance - Kyats 1000 / -
  • If you use Yangon City Bank’s MPU Debit Card at Yangon City Bank’s ATMs tansaction fees is free. if you use ATMs at any other ATMs you will be charged 50 pyas on 100 Kyats / -


Current Account

  • Keep at least Kyats 100 / -
  • New Cheque Book Kyat 3,000 / -
  • Cheque book lost Kyat 5,000 / -


Saving Deposit Account

  • Have at least 1000 Kyat / - Balance


Payment Order

  • Service charge 10 pyas on Kyats 100 /-
  • Charge at least Kyats 100 / -
  • Maximum charged Kyats 30,000 /-


CBM Net charged

  • Cheque Kyat 500 / -
  • Payment Order Kyat 300 / -
  • Fund Transfer Kyat 1,000 / -


  • Balance Confirmation - 1000 Ks
  • Bank Statement - 200 Ks


Online Payment with Mobile application

Land Tax

  • Land lease under Yangon City Development Committee boundaries; This is a tax on rent and land taxes for a license permit.


Property Tax

  • Yangon City Public Health Urban development; To live comfortably from birth to death; Clean environment Land for beauty Whether building or building; Land or building. Taxes are charged at a percentage of their annual value.


Water Fee

  • People living in Yangon Water for adequate access to clean drinking water Large tanks Wells; Drinking water from other sources; Distribute water this is the tax on processing and water charges.


Garbage collection fee

  • Waste disposal systems to properly dispose of daily waste from the kitchen and business at home; Littering; Construction of litter ponds; Purchasing of garbage trucks required for the disposal of solid waste to the final disposal site and highways; Transporting garbage bins on the roads Taxes collected for the appointment of cleaning staff.
  • Paying taxes for the beauty of their surroundings It is the duty of every citizen, and it is more beautiful and clean creating an eco-friendly environment for the emergence of a river in order for the public to pay a systematic tax payment, the public needs to follow suit.
  • Taxes collected by the Yangon City Development Committee to apply for direct committee funding, you can apply for Yangon City Bank's YCB Payment Gateway using AYA Mobile Banking, KBZPay and CB Pay for free of charge. Submission the business was started on October 1, 2019.
  • The above mentioned land tax; Property Tax Water Water and garbage charges for KBZ Pay, CB Pay Bank charges for payment of tax payments through AYA mbanking no need to.
  • As a result, the city's residents enjoy this service we would like to urge you to pay the taxes.
  • Pay taxes to the capital city using the YCB Payment Gateway of the City of Yangon City and pay your taxes on one of your mobile phones.


How to pay taxes with KBZPay?

  • Click Bill Payment to pay.
  • Select YCDC Bill.
  • Enter taxpayer number.
  • Bill Select the Bill you want to pay.
  • Enter your password.
  • Payment successful.
  • Contact us at: MPT Customers 09 969 963 211
    Not MPT Customer - 3211


How to pay taxes with CB Pay?

  • Enter your 6 digits to enter CB Pay Application Login form.
  • Click Pay Bill.
  • Select YCDC in Bill Type.
  • Enter the Taxpayer Number 8 digits from Bill paper.
  • Select the type of tax you want to pay and easily pay.
  • Payment successful.
  • Contact Phone: 01-231 777 0



How to pay taxes with AYA mbanking?

  • Enter Username and Password in AYA Mobile Banking.
  • Bill Click Bill Payment from the Main Menu.
  • Enter the payment account number.
  • Choose YCDC in Paying to.
  • Select YCDC Bill Collection from Service.
  • Payment amount after entering the Bill Account Number It will come down automatically.
  • Other fees for paying taxes with AYA Mobile Banking no need to pay.
  • Request Request an OTP number.
  • Enter OTP number.
  • Bill Payment with AYA Mobile Banking has been successfully completed.
  • Contact: Phone: 01-223 7777


Yangon City Bank Head Office and Branches

Head Office

No,12/18, Sibin Road, Kyauktada Township, near City Hall in Yangon.
Phone No. 01 382519(admin), 01 243588 (account), 01 243671 (loan), 01 243599 (computer), 01 243577(Saving)
Fax No - 01 248272

Botahtaung Branch

No.399, Merchant street, Botahtaung Township.
Fax and Phone - 01 294140, 09-768363625

Bayintnaung Branch

No,72/Nga, Corner of Ingyin street and Nguwar street, Bayintnaung Brokerage Compound, Mayangone Township.
Fax and Phone - 01 3588567, 09-5403770

Aung Mingalar Mini Branch

Room-Ya/20, Building HB-3, Between Meikhtila street and Pakkoku street, Aung Mingalar Highway Terminal, Mingalardone Township.
Fax and Phone - 09 799618858, 01-636349

Mingalar Market Branch

Corner of Mill and Banyardala Road, Mingalar Market Compound, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township.
Fax - 01 299245 , Phone - 01 8619290, 09768363640


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