Ministry of Hotels and Tourism

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism was formed on 24th September, 1992.

Duties and Responsibilities

Administration and Human Resources Management

  1. Manage the administrative affairs of the offices of the Minister and Permanent Secretary.
  2. Manage staff and general administration of the Ministry’s office.
  3. Coordinate the selecting of participants to attend training in Myanmar
  4. Supervising the activities of the Ministry’s delegates attending conferences, exhibitions and seminars held in Myanmar and abroad.
  5. Coordinating the administration of business registration, licensing and tax as managed by the Ministry.

Policy Department

  1. Promulgating, amending and supplementing on policy, laws, rules, procedures and orders.
  2. Scrutinizing the matters submitted by respective departments under the ministry, to be in line with policy and procedures.
  3. Supervising, cooperating and issuing on policies and procedures agreed with regional and international organizations.
  4. Performing and clarifying on agreements and questions asked by Hluttaw and other government organizations.
  5. Submitting the memorandum to the Union Government’s meeting and committees of the Union Government.
  6. Scrutinizing the Ministry’s policy as well as the related activities being implemented by the Ministry.

Planning and Statistics Department

  1. Reporting on the progress and planning of short term, long term and yearly plans.
  2. Negotiating and implementing projects of the Ministry, States & Regions.
  3. Coordinating the collection of statistical data from MOHT for distribution to other Ministries.
  4. Manage the collection of current or relevant statistical data.
  5. Collecting and storing documents and data by computerized technology.
  6. Continuously monitoring the collection and distribution of the data to the States & the Regions.
  7. Implementing the e-government and information technology system.
  8. Assessing and analysing research.
  9. Maintaining performance records of organisations which are supervised by MOHT in conjunction with ICT.

Internal Audit and Finance Department

  1. Managing budgets in accordance with the procedures.
  2. Collecting budget data from departments on a monthly basis.
  3. Monitoring the budget allocations and expanding the department in line with the Government’s functions.
  4. Managing the budget process to be in line with procedures.
  5. Performing internal audits within the Ministry.
  6. Coordinating with the Union Auditor General Office in the auditing process and managing issues arising from the audit process.

Public Relations & Information Department

  1. Providing support to domestic and international media.
  2. Marketing the activities of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism by sharing tourism related information on the Website and Social Media.
  3. Providing technical assistance for video conferences and meetings with ministries, Regions & State Governments as a part of the e-Governance activities.
  4. Producing videos for tourism related meetings including international organizations, ceremonies and activities of the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism.
  5. Managing the permission process for special interest tours entering Myanmar such as caravan tours, motorcycle tours, cycling tours, yacht tours, cruise tours, river-cruise tours and charter flight tours.
  6. Providing travel news to MRTV and uploading news on the Ministry website and Facebook.


e-Government Department

1. Coordinating and cooperating for developing the common applications together with government organizations, ministries, and state / regional governments of Myanmar.

2. Performing the development of e-Government and ICT functions of the Ministry.

3. Developing ICT processes in line with policy and objectives of the Ministry to serve better public services.

4. Seeking and reporting new technology trends continuously in order to utilize the processes of Ministry.

5. Conducting the ICT trainings for the skilled staffs within the Ministry.

6. Developing short term and long term plans for e-Government activities and submit required budgets.

Executive Office

  1. Administrating local and foreign travel activities of the Union Minister and Senior Officials.
  2. Managing itineraries, speeches and other matters related to the Union Minister, Senior Officials, and other Ministries.
  3. Arranging the financial aspects of the Union Minister and Senior Officials’ household affairs.
  4. Registration of correspondance of the Union Minister, Deputy Minister, Permanent Secretary, and Deputy Permanent Secretary.
  5. When required, carrying out extra duties and responsibilities.

Directorate of Hotels and Tourism

Hotels and Tourism Supervising Department

  1. Issuing and supervising Hotels, Motels and Lodging-house business licences.
  2. Issuing and supervising tour operation enterprise licences.
  3. Issuing and supervising tourist transport business licences.
  4. Issuing and supervising tour guide business licences.
  5. Reviewing and supervising hotels and tourism law, rules, orders and directives.
  6. Inspecting and supervising Business Licenses that have been issued by the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism.
  7. Collecting hotel and tourism’s statistical data.
  8. Managing and supervising the duties and responsibilities of the Directorate of Hotels & Tourism’s branch offices which issue all four business licences.
  9. Supporting and cooperating with the Human Resources Department in the development of training programmes for the Hotels & Tourism industry and promoting the Hotels & Tourism sector.

Training and Education Department

Selecting candidates to attend meetings, workshops, seminars and other events held by the Ministry and related organisations.

Supervising and conducting hotel and training schools for the private sector.

Collaborating with organisations from overseas to conduct capacity building training in Myanmar.

Registering and keeping records of the training and participants.

Organising regional training courses for hotel and tourism industry.

Managing the library of the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism.

Managing the administration of Tourism Training and Education Department.

Performing extra duties as required.

Planning Department

  1. Disseminating information regarding procedures relating to proposals for hotel projects to Local and Foreign Entrepreneurs.
  2. Scrutinising proposals for hotel projects submitted by Local and Foreign Entrepreneurs.
  3. Developing hotel zones, coordinating with other departments of the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism and relevant Regional Authorities.
  4. Developing new hotel projects, conducting studies and planning for the implementation process.
  5. Managing local and foreign hotel projects in accordance with the legal laws, procedures and directives.
  6. Managing the implementation of local and foreign projects.
  7. Monitoring continuously the implementation of hotel projects in order to conform with the terms and conditions contained in the contracts.
  8. Reporting on matters relating to breach of contract so as to take legal action.
  9. Coordinating with relevant departments on matters related to importing hotel equipment, materials, taxation and other matters.
  10. Scrutinising the construction designs of the projects.
  11. Drafting Agreements.

International & Regional Cooperation Department

  1. Overviewing Tourism Cooperation agreements under the frameworks of ASEAN, Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Vietnam (CLMV), Ayeyarwady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS), Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC).
  2. Collecting budget data from departments on a monthly basis.
  3. Bilateral cooperation with International and Regional Countries.

Tourism Promotion Department

  1. Creating greater awareness of tourism destinations, tourist destinations and events through long term promotional activities.
  2. The development promotional materials such as brochures, pamphlets, CD, and DVD for international travel shows and tourism destinations activities through Myanmar embassies abroad.
  3. Producing pamphlets and brochures promoting potential tourist destinations in Myanmar.
  4. Making necessary arrangements for participants to attend international travel shows, workshops, forums and seminars relating to tourism.
  5. Socialising with neighbouring countries but also other potential partners to develop marketing and promotional opportunities.
  6. Implementing activities and events related to tourism promotion and marketing in accordance with the guidance of Union Minister.
  7. Coordinating and cooperating in tourism promotional events and festivals for the domestic market.

Administration and Budget Department

  1. Manage the internal accounting and legal operations of the Department including salaries, pensions, employee information, building and vehicle maintenance.
  2. Manage the budget planning and funds allocation process.
  3. Collecting rental fees from leased private hotels and JV hotels.
  4. Managing Foreign currency dealings.
  5. Compiling monthly report.
  6. Drafting annual statistical report.
  7. Replying and submitting audit reports to the Union Auditor General.
  8. Performing administrative matters in conjunction with offices.


  1. To support Myanmar as an international tourist destination by creating domestic and international markets effectively;
  2. To protect the rights of tour operators and tourists, and comply with their obligations;
  3. To ensure the quality and safety of tourism services;
  4. To enhance coordination and cooperation for the development and management of the tourism sector;
  5. To create employment opportunities and develop human resources by enhancing the awareness of tourism;
  6. To develop responsible tourism activities that will contribute to the country’s sustainable development, eco-tourism, and conservation of the natural environment;
  7. To develop local business, small and medium enterprises based on tourism and economic opportunities for local communities, as well as Community-Based Tourism(CBT);
  8. To coordinate and cooperate with local and international institutions and tourism experts in conducting research for tourism development.

Policies of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism

  1. To be the most important contributor to the national economy;
  2. To preserve and conserve natural environment, traditional heritage and custom of the local people in order to sustain the development of tourism industry in Myanmar;
  3. To develop socio-economy of the people and private sector by means of tourism development;
  4. To implement the regional and international contracts for the good of the national interest;
  5. To contribute to the peace process by developing tourism sector;
  6. To develop sustainable and inclusive tourism;

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