Online Booking System to apply for renewal of vehicle registration at district offices (South Mandalay) and District Office (North Mandalay) in Mandalay region and Yangon Region

Ministry of Transport and Communications / November 13, 2018

Basic requirements  to get service

Registered Vehicle in respective region

3 months before expiry of registration of the vehicle

Vehicles which is not over 5 year terms.

Service fee

Service fee and testing fee for Register vehicles in the respective region

1. Small Vehicle      - 5000 Kyat

2.  Large Vehicle     - 10000 Kyat

Obtaining  online booking service is free of charge (FOC)

Needed Documents

Vehicle Registration Book

Certificate of evidence for/of the Vehicle

Evidence that the vehicle has been previously tested?

The applicant's NRC (genuine and copy)

Representative’s NRC (genuine and copy)

If the owner (the applicant) cannot appear in-person , anyone  in the Housing Census can come as representative with his/her NRC (Genuine and Copy) and Genuine Housing Census.

Steps to apply

Select the following facts  in the  online appointment application form.

a . Name of Office

b. Application (Owner/ representative)

c. Date of renewal registration

d. Time of renewal registration

e. Vehicle Number

For getting online booking

Online booking can be obtained  for a particular date for  renewal of registration of vehicles at  District office Mandalay ((South Mandalay) and District Office (North Mandalay) in Mandalay Region and Yangon Region by filling the forms online.


Yangon Region

the Department of Road Transport in Yangon Re­gion., Corner of Than Thu Ma Road and Myin Tha Road, Thingungyun Township, Yangon.

the Ywar Thar Gyi of­fice in East Dagon,

District Office (East Yangon)

District Office (West Yangon)

District Office (North Yangon)

District Office (South Yangon)

Mandalay Region

Office (Mandalay), Theit Pan Street bet: 73*78 street, Maha Aung Myae Township,  Mandalay.

Contact us for online booking application.

Yangon Office

09 781 425 403,09 974885896, 09 254 513 042

Mandalay Office


Web Address


Online booking system is provided because of the following reasons ;

a. Waiting lines for too long because of the improvement of vehicles To avoid/reduce long-waiting time, due to increased number of vehicles per se

b. To avoid Traffic jams

c. For greater customer convenience