1. The Union Flag

1. The model size, measurement and colour et cetera of the Union flag are as follows:

(a) The model size of the Union flag is rectangular, with 9 feet in length and 6 feet in width;

(b) The background colours of the Union flag are yellow, green and red. The yellow, green and red colours shall each be equal to one-third of the 6 feet of the width of the Union flag. Therefore, each colour shall be 2 feet;

(c)     (i) A large white star with five vertices shall be superimposed on the background of yellow, green and red colours;

(ii) The upper vertex of the large white star shall be at the mid-point of the length of the Union flag, that is the place at 4 feet and 6 inches and shall point directly upwards;

(iii) The distance from the top of the star to the boundary of the yellow colour of flag and the distance from the top of two lower vertices of the star in the red colour to the boundary of the red colour of the flag shall be one foot each;

(iv) The distance between each top of the vertex of the star shall be 2 feet and 7.2 inches equally;

2. The yellow, green and red colours included as background colours indicate the three-coloured flag which was applied magnificently in the period of struggle for the independence of Myanmar.

3. The meanings of the colours of the Union flag and the white colour of the Star are as follows:

(a) The yellow colour indicates the meaning of unity, conformity, huge wisdom, happiness and unity of all national races amicably;

(b) The green colour indicates the meaning of fertility, conformity, fairness and being a peaceful, pleasant, and greening nation;

(c) The red colour indicates the meaning of bravery and decisiveness;

(d) The white colour of the star indicates the meaning of purity, honesty, fullness of compassion and power.

Source : The Union Flag Law

2. The State Seal

The marks contained in the Union Seal are as follows:

(a) At the centre of the Union Seal is the map of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The sprigs of eugenia containing fourteen leaves each are on either side of the map.

(b) The sprigs of eugenia are flanked on each side by an artistic Myanmar lion. The lion on the left side faces towards the left and the lion on the right side faces towards the right.

(c) The expression “Republic of the Union of Myanmar” is inscribed on the ribbon at the foot of the Union Seal. The expression “the Union” is placed under the left lion, the expression “the Republic” is placed at the centre under the map of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the expression “Myanmar” is placed under the right lion.

(d) At the top of the Union Seal is a star with five vertices that indicate above uprightly.

(e) Myanmar traditional floral arabesques are on either side of the star.

Source : The State Seal Law

3. Myanmar National Flora

Padauk(Pterocarpus macrocarpus)

As a symbolization of strength and durability, this kind of tree can be used for furniture design and making. The golden fragrant flowers of Padauk are also considered as the national flower of Myanmar. While the tree symbolizes strength, the flower represents youth, love and romance with its fragrant scent. Blooming during April, the flower seems to be a sign of the first showers in April and the New Year celebrations as well.

Source : ASEAN

4. National Musical Instrument

Saung Gauk is the national musical instrument of Myanmar, often played traditionally in royal courts. The elegant boat-shaped harp is partly made from hollowed hardwood, and the graceful arching neck is made from the root of an acacia tree.

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