Yangon City Development Committee

Functions and duties of Committee are as follow:

  1. Planning urban projects;
  2. Supervision and implementation of lands;
  3. The Committee conducts the encroachment of buildings, houses, tents and not to bank up the construction materials on the authorized land, empty plots, reserve lands and roads without permissions and demolishing, removing and relocating;
  4. Innovate and update the urban development plan upon the committee owned land or the land authorized by Yangon City Development Committee and reserve land;
  5. Managing greenness in traffic islands and pavements/ platforms along the main roads;
  6. Conducting, supervising and maintaining the public gardens, parks, playgrounds, recreation center and providing the entertainment areas;
  7. Construction and maintenance the public toilets in appropriate locations;
  8. Inspection of the buildings to be built whether they are in consistent with the current laws, regulations and authorize them to construct, denial or prohibition and take-action against the offenders;
  9. Defining zones for the construction of buildings in each area, delimitation of restricted areas, type of building style, permitted designs, peg out work model, the number of floors in the building, the distance between building boundary and the road boundary, minimum required area of a room and the specified construction materials;
  10. Repair and removal of the dangerous buildings, components and parts and sanction to reside; 
  11. Maintenance of Committee-owned buildings;
  12. Preservation of Yangon City Heritage buildings;
  13. Cooperation in disaster prevention process, arranging firefighting equipment, demolition or cancellation of the fire-hazardous buildings and tents;
  14. Traffic areas, terminals and construction of parking lots in accordance with rules and regulations;
  15. The committee is responsible for collecting municipal taxes and carrying out municipal activities. Authorize to an appropriate organization or individual for an appropriate period of time, either through a contract system or through auction system or through tender system or Being able to carry out and assign tasks to ensure transparency through other suitable and good systems;
  16. Construction, repairing, maintenance of public roads and pedestrian bridges, underground pipelines; dykes, the streams that the committee has the right to manage; drains, construction of water infrastructure;
  17. Conducting the placement of infrastructure within the road boundary;
  18. Construction of roads, management in accordance with the road features, supervision; setting rules and take-action;
  19. Naming roads; numbering and naming buildings and lands and announcing such activities to the public;
  20. Lighting in municipal markets; public places and buildings, roads parks and street lights flower gardens;
  21. Adequate water supply works within the authorize territorial limits of the city;
  22. To provide adequate water, construction and maintenance of reservoirs, artesian well, water pipelines, exploring and the use of water resources;
  23. Reservation to keep Inya Lake, Kandawgyi Lake and other lake clean and tidy;
  24. Conducting the waste water to maintain, washing, cleaning and supervision and construction of sewers for efficient dispose of waste water;
  25. Improving the flow of water;
  26. Management for drilling, extraction and distribution of ground-water;
  27. Carrying out public health activities, delivering health education and protection activities and coordination with the relevant Department of health;
  28. Establishing and supervising the necessary measures in connection with well, lake and drainage schemes to be hygienic;
  29. Inspection and taking-action in food production which sell in markets and street stalls whether they are hygienic or not;
  30. Construction, maintenance and management of municipal markets and supervision of private owned markets, stores and malls;
  31. Removing and disposing of obscene, abominable and waste materials, cleansing roads and eliminating stray dogs;
  32. Building and establishing the animal pounds to capture, detain and eliminate the harmful animals and maintain the stray animals;
  33. Management and taking action on animals such as buffalo, cattle and pets by setting rules;
  34. For public consumption, distribution and management in production of meat and fish;
  35. Prohibiting and inspecting the meat and fish selling, transporting, storing, maintaining which is not suitable for consumption and disgusting as well as dangerous things;
  36. Systematically collect and dispose of daily waste, management as needed;
  37. Determining the waste disposal sites to do waste transfer system, waste bins, tanks, garbage trucks and designate the final disposal site, relocation, closure and use in other way of management and supervision;
  38. Around the city, in order to maintain and improve the quality of water, air and land by taking-action and supervising against relevant government departments and coordination with experts to implement effectively that discharge of liquid and wastes from factories, workshops, vehicles, machinery and exhaust fumes from human’s products whether it is harmful to public health;
  39. Manage and supervise for construction of burial machines, burial permission and caving;
  40. Management and supervision of designate cemeteries, relocation, closing, cancellation and other way of using the demolished cemetery;
  41. According to the type of slow-moving vehicles, issuing vehicles license and driver license by setting rules, revocation of license with limited period or cancellation, suspension of license which is failed to renew and inspection, supervise, arrest and take-action against unregulated slow-moving vehicles;
  42. Taking-action, supervision and specification of rules regarding with roadsides stalls and street hawkers;
  43. Inspecting and permitting of guest houses, hostels, private pawnshops and brokerage, the operation of water-supply private companies;
  44. Setting rules regarding with revocation, cancellation and permission, disclosure of any activities or advertisement carried out by an individual or organization within a limited period;
  45. According to the policy of committee, conducting, prohibitions and punishments rules are announced to the entire population of Yangon and all those who enter and leave out of the city in a timely manner through various forms of public communication;
  46. Managing which is related to production activities belonging to committee;
  47. Carrying out research required for the work of committee, continuing legal affairs and education;
  48. Preservation and rehabilitation a mentally ill person who is wandering around people with skin diseases caring for homeless children and beggars;


  1. Committee Office
  2. Administration Department
  3. Finance & Accounts Department
  4. Assessor’s Department
  5. Engineering Department (Roads & Bridges)
  6. Engineering Department (Buildings)
  7. Engineering Department (Water & Sanitation)
  8. Engineering Department (Drainage Management)
  9. Urban Environmental Conservation & Cleansing Department
  10. Markets & Commodities Center Department
  11. Veterinary & Production Department
  12. Vehicles, Heavy Machinery Management & Maintenance Department
  13. Urban Land Administration Department
  14. Playgrounds, Parks & Gardens Department
  15. Public Relations & Information Department
  16. Public Health Department
  17. Urban Planning Department
  18. Security & Disciplinary Department

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