Union Election Commission

Union Election Commission

Motto of Union Election Commission

Credible Elections Paving the Way to Democracy

Vision/ Objective

To conduct free, fair and credible elections in a transparent and impartial manner, serving all with equal rights to establish a strong democratic system

Duties and Power

The duties and powers of the Commission are as Follows;

  1. holding the Hluttaw elections;
  2. supervising and causing to supervise the Hluttaw elections,
  3. forming, causing to from , Supervising and causing to supervise the Sub-commissions at various levels,
  4. designating  and amending the constituencies;
  5. compiling , causing to compile , amending and causing to amend the  voting rolls;
  6. postponing and cancelling the  elections in constituencies in which free and fair election could not be held due to natural disaster or situation of regional security;
  7. issuing certificate of recognition as a Hluttaw representative;
  8. forming election tribunals in accord with law to enable examination of dispute  relating to election;
  9. in electing  and appointing a member  in the leading body of the  Self-Administered Division or Self- Administered  Zone under  Sub-section (h) of Section 276 of the Constitution, forming election tribunals to enable examination and decision on objections, if any, in respect of the person so elected and appointed;
  10. if the minimum of one percent among the original voters of the relevant constituency, submit to the Commission that they wish to revoke a Hluttaw representative from duty under sub-sections (a) and (b) of section 396 of the Constitution, examine and carry out in accord with sub-sections (c), (d), (e) of  section 396 of the Constitution;
  11. allocating the fund for Sub-commissions at various  levels, supervising and causing to supervise the expenses;
  12. supervising , causing  to supervise and guiding the political parties to carry out in accord with law;
  13. performing duties and assigned by any law.

The decisions and performances of the Commission relating to the following matters shall be final and conclusive;

  1. works relating to elections;
  2. appeals and revisions relating to the decisions and orders of the election tribunals;
  3. matters performed under the law relating to political party.



Current structure of Union Election Commission



Current Divisions of the Union Election Commission

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