Kayah State Hluttaw

Organization Set-up

  • the State Hluttaw representatives - 14
  • the State Hluttaw representative of Bahma race - 1
  • the State Hluttaw representatives of defence services personnel - 5


  • Not more than 14 State Hluttaw representatives, two are elected from each township in Kayah State.
  • One representative of the State Hluttaw from Bahma people, each is elected from each national race determined by the authorities concerned as having a population which constitutes 0.1 percent and above of the population of the Union, of the remaining national races other than those who are in Kayah State.
  • Four representatives of the State Hluttaw, who are Defence Services personnal nominated by the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services in accord with the law for an equal number of one-third of the total number of Hluttaw representatives elected under Sub-Section (a) and (b) or (a) and (c).



  • Election of State Hluttaw’s Speaker and Deputy Speaker
  • Representation
  • Legislation
  • Checks and balances on the activities of executive and judicial bodies
  • Holding Hluttaw Sessions​​



  • Legislation
  • Representation
  • Checks & Balances
  • Supporting the socioeconomic development of all other groups in the states
  • Enhancing performance and capacities of both members of parliament and parliamentary staff


  • To promulgate the laws that are required for the prosperity and security of the people’s life
  • To  emerge an organization that totally represents the people
  • To make checks and balances on the actives of executive and judicial bodies
  • To monitor the expenditure of public budget
  • To become a strong and reliable Hluttaw by its people