Mon State Hluttaw

Formation of the Mon State Hluttaw

The Myanmar nationwide general election was held in November 2010 in accordance with the 2008 Constitution, and the first-term Mon State Hluttaw started on 31 January 2011. The Mon State Hluttaw is formed with 31 MPs consisting of 2 MPs from each township (20 MPs from 10 townships), 1 Bamah ethnic MP, 1 Kayin ethnic MP, 1 Pa-O ethnic MP. Ethnic MPs represent minorities living in the Mon State, and the population of each ethnic group is above 0.1 percent of the total population of the whole country. There are altogether 23 elected MPs, and 8 military personnel who make up one third of elected MPs. Each term of the Hluttaw is 5 years.

In its first term from 31 January 2011 to 30 January 2016, the Mon State Hluttaw formed 5 committees. In its second term, the Mon State Hluttaw formed 8 committees: MPs vetting committee, Legislative committee, Ethnic affairs committee, Complaints letters, petitions letters, reports and general issues reviewing committee, State government’s guarantees, pledges and undertakings vetting committee, Environmental conservation committee, Public accounts vetting, finance, planning, and economic affairs reviewing committee, and Women’s and children’s rights committee.


The functions of the Mon State Hluttaw are as follows:

  • Submitting, discussing and approving the bills that are to be drafted in accord with the State Constitution
  • Oversighting the implementations of the enacted laws by respective organizations
  • Meeting the needs and challenges of the people in representing the voting public and social bodies in respective layers.


The objectives of the Mon State Hluttaw are to carry out representation through constant contact with the people, to strengthen the qualities of legislation and parliamentary sessions, to make the oversight function more effective by upgrading the capabilities of the committees, and to upgrade the capabilities of the MPs, the Staff, and the Committee Members.


The vision of the Mon State Hluttaw is to bring about a strong parliamentary institution trusted by the people, which oversights rule of law, sustainable development doing no harm to the environment, and supports the implementation of development of social living standard of all ethnic groups living in the State.


The aim of the Mon State Hluttaw is carry out effective representation of all the people, legislation and oversight on the implementations and financial spending of executive bodies.