Tanintharyi Region Hluttaw

Formation of the Tanintharyi Region Hluttaw

        Tanintharyi Region Hluttaw is composed of 28 representatives: 20 representatives with two representatives elected from each township, 1 Kayin representative elected by Kayin ethnic race which forms 0.1 percent and above of the population of the whole country and 7 Defence Services Personnel nominated by the commander-in-chief of defence services in accordance with the law.


Tanintharyi Region Parliament practices the policy which can enhance the prosperity of all citizens and achieve the following goals:

  • Development of economically social life and safety of all people

  • Reconciliation and reunion of all nationals and peaceful tranquility

  • Democracy

  • Integrity

  • Transparency and cooperation of people

  • Duty-consciousness, responsibility and accountability, and

  • Coordination and efficiency


The aims of Tanintharyi Region Parliament are as follows:

  • To become a parliament which can develop the socio-economic life of all citizens

  • To flourish justice and democracy, and

  • To establish a legal institution which focuses on the welfare of the citizens.


The objectives of Tanintharyi Region Parliamant are as follows:

  • To promulgate the laws which effectively protect the development of socio-economic life of the state and its citizens and enhance the prosperity of the citizens and observe whether those laws and acts are abided by and practiced or not

  • To settle the public’s difficulties in line with the time

  • To improve the sector of Hluttaw committees and to monitor the work of the government

  • To set a system of supervision for spending public finance transparently and effectively

  • To upgrade the capability of Hluttaw representatives

  • To upgrade the capability of the employees in Hluttaw office

  • To establish Research Center to put on record the activities of Hluttaw and in this way, to gain people’s trust in Hluttaw, and

  • To strengthen the communication and cooperation with the public.

Duties of Tanintharyi Region Parliament

Duties of Tanintharyi Region Parliament are as follows:

  • To improve Hluttaw committees’ sector and capacity, while monitoring regional authorized persons’ work

  • Drawing up rules which can develop social and economic public life and original rights of citizens in accordance with union constitution and monitoring regional authorized persons’ work

  • Performing effective and streamlined Hluttaw procedures and ensuring the capacity building and personal development of Hluttaw representatives and Hluttaw office staff

  • Conducting negotiations with local authorities for social and economic needs and difficulties of local people after continuous meetings between Hluttaw representatives and local people, and providing help to local people to solve their problems by presenting proposals and questions at the regional Hluttaw, and

  • Performing constant monitoring in order to enforce laws for the benefit of the people and the country.​​​​​​​