Magway Region Hluttaw

Formation of the Region Hluttaw

The second term Magway Region Hluttaw commenced on 8 February 2016. The Hluttaw was formed with 50 Members of Parliament (two persons from each township elected by the voters from 25 townships in Magway Region), one Chin ethnic MP (elected as 0.1 and above of total population of the country apart from national races in the region) and 17 MPs from Defense Services legally nominated by the Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services, with the number equivalent to one third of total elected MPs, being 68 in total.


  1. Election
  2. Representation
  3. Legislation
  4. Oversight on the proceedings of the executive and judicial bodies
  5. Implementing the Hluttaw’s motto in order to develop the people’s living standard
  6. Submitting bills and approving them as laws
  7. Submitting proposals and raising questions
  8. Uploading the Hluttaw’s activities on Facebook and Website for public awareness
  9. Implementing the Information Technology, which is the process of e-Government process
  10. Launching e-Library in order to provide the information required in carrying out the Hluttaw’s proceedings
  11. Enabling the Hluttaw Staff to attend training courses for the upgrading of their capabilities


  1. To enact laws and rules in accord with the constitution
  2. To bring about a strong legislature trusted by the people
  3. To implement the desires of the people in accord with Hluttaw’s motto
  4. To dutifully perform the tasks of legislation, representation and oversight
  5. To transparently and uprightly carry out the people-oriented activities
  6. To systematically and effectively spend the public taxes and finances through criteria laid down


  1. To bring about a strong legislature trusted by the people
  2. To implement the desires of the people for their welfare by the Members of Parliament elected in accord with the desires of the people
  3. To bring about a legislative pillar depended by the people, draft bills and promulgate laws and rules
  4. To oversight on the transparent and effective spending of the public finances
  5. To bring about a Hluttaw that can work on the development of the people’s social living standard


  1. To approve and enact the laws relevant to the desires of the people in accord with the 2008 Constitution
  2. To discuss and decide on the emergence of the laws required for safety and development of the people’s social life
  3. To submit proposals and raise questions with a view to fulfilling the needs of the people