Yangon Region Hluttaw

1. Aims

  • To enact the laws appropriate to the current trend in accordance with the 2008 constitution;

  • To check and balance the legislative and judicial roles;

  • To implement the people’s needs;

  • To make right decisions on matters relating to taxation, regional planning and finance, and

  • To provide necessary services to the members of parliament by the Hluttaw staff.

2. Policy

Being a body carrying out the democratic reform relating to legislation, representation and oversight, the Yangon Region Hluttaw will fulfill the desires of the people, thereby creating a better social living standard.

3. Objectives

The decisions of our Hluttaw are as follows:

  • To gain rule of law, stability and peace;

  • To implement independence, equality and justice;

  • To strengthen the capabilities of the MPs and the staff of the Regional Hluttaw, and

  • To coordinate with other regional bodies.

4. Strategic objectives

  • The strategies are as follows:

  • To create better legislation and Hluttaw Sessions;

  • To create better representation through continuous engagement with the people, and

  • To create better oversight through the strengthened capabilities of the committees.