Kayin State Hluttaw


1. Kayin State Hluttaw conferred by Constitution (2008), in accordance with the provisions of section 161 is formed as follows:

  1. representatives of the State Hluttaw, two of each are elected from each township in the States;
  2. representatives of the State Hluttaw, each is elected from each national race determined by the authorities concerned as having  a  population which constitutes   0.1 percent and above of the population of the Union, of the  remaining national races other than those who have already obtained the respective State or a Self-Administered Area in that State;
  3. representatives of the State Hluttaw who are the Defence Services personnel nominated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services in  accord with the law for an equal number of one-third of the total number of Hluttaw representatives elected under Sub-Sections (a) and (b).



2. The functions of Kayin State Hluttaw are as follows:

  1. Election
  2. Representation
  3. Legislation
  4. Checks and balances on the activities of executive and judicial bodies



3. The objectives of Kayin State Hluttaw are as follows:

a. To develop the state legislative sector

b. To promote a better standard living and fulfill public desire in the state

c. To represent effectively for public in the state

​d. To value as a institution implemented reforms in accordance with democratic system

e. To further strengthen the monitoring and balancing management processes



4.           Kayin State Hluttaw conferred by the Constitution (2008), by exploiting the full power state, which is a desire within the public wants peace Unity and Social Development for the legislative guide and monitor the performance of the state government in order to represent the people's interests in the state by implementing policies.


5. The Missions of Kayin State Hluttaw are as follows:

  1. Strengthening legislation and conducting plenary sessions systematically
  2. Monitoring the public budget whether it is spent in a transparent and effective way or not
  3. Hearing the people’s voice and implementing the expectation of the people in order for the parliament to be in the same layer with the people and to make the whole representation
  4. Upgrading the skills and capacities of the members of parliament
  5. Promoting the performance of Hluttaw Committees and enhancing the monitoring processes for development of the parliament
  6. Upgrading the performance of the parliamentary staff from the office of the State Hluttaw
  7. Establishing a Learning Centre for both MPs and parliamentary staff, where they can access the trainings to advance skills and capacities in performing their duties