Sagaing Region Hluttaw

Term of Region Hluttaw

          The term of the Region Hluttaw is the same as the term of the Pyithu Hluttaw. The term of the Region Hluttaw is five years commencing from the day of the first plenary session of the Pyithu Hluttaw. The term of the Region Hluttaw ends on the day of the expiry of the Pyithu Hluttaw.


Formation of the second term of the Sagaing Region Hluttaw

The Sagaing Region Hluttaw formed with the following persons:

  • There are 37 townships in the Sagaing Region and 2 representatives are elected from each township and the total is 74 persons. (National League for Democracy-66 persons, Union Solidarity Development Party-5 persons, Tailaing (Shanni) Nationalities Development Party 1 person. Note: One MP from Constituency (1), Htigyaing Township, member of the NLD Party and one MP from Constituency (2), Kyunhla Township, member of the NLD Party totaling (2) MPs (deceased).
    No replacements for the late MPs have yet been carried out to date.
  • Representative of the Sagaing Region Hluttaw, each is elected from each national race determained by the authorities concerned as having a population which constitutes 0.1 percent and above of the population of the union of the remaining national races other than who have already obtained the respective a self-administered area. There are two elected representatives (Shan, Chin- national race).There are two elected representatives (Shan, Chin national race).
  • 25 representatives of the Sagaing Region Hluttaw who are the Defence Services personnel nominated by the commander –in –chief of the Defence Services in accord with the law.

Participation of majority parties in second term of Sagaing Region Hluttaw

  • NLD (National League for Democracy)
  • USDP (United Solidarity Development Party)
  • Tailaing (Shanni) Nationalities Development Party

Heads of the second term Sagaing Region Hluttaw

  • Sagaing Region Hluttaw speaker   - U Than
  • Constituency                                - Kathar Township, Constituency No   (1)
  • Representative Party                    - NLD (National League for Democracy)
  • Sagaing Region Hluttaw Deputy speaker - U Boe Than Nyunt
  • Constituency                                - Intaw Township, Constituency No (1)
  • Representative Party                    - NLD (National league for Democracy)

Formation of Second term of Sagaing Region Hluttaw’s Committees

  • Legislative committee                                                                                                                  (13 members)
  • Ethnic committee                                                                                                                         (10 members)
  • MPs Scrutinizing and Hluttaw Rights committee                                                                           (8 members)
  • Planning and Financial committee                                                                                                (13 members)
  • Rule of Law, Justice and Legal Affairs committee                                                                          (13 members)
  • Government’s Guarantees, Pledges and Undertaking Vetting committee                                       (8 members)
  • Agriculture, Livestock Breeding, Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation committee  (14 members)
  • Industrial and Electric Power committee                                                                                       (8 members)
  • Transformation, Communication and Construction committee                                                                 (12 members)
  • Economic Trading and Municipal committee                                                                                 (10 members)
  • Education, Health, Sports and Courtesy committee                                                                       (12 members) 
  • Special Affairs Scrutiny and Research Committee                                                                                                   (10 members)
    Formed on 28 February 2019

Duties and Functions

  • Electing Speaker and Deputy Speaker
  • Representing the people
  • Legislation
  • Checking and Balancing the Executive and Judiciary
  • Convening the Hluttaw Session       


      To promote the capacity of representative and Hluttaw’s committees and developing a public-oriented Hluttaw effectively facilitating rule of law, peace and tranquility and socio-economic development of the people within the region.


  • Independent Sovereignty
  • Respecting the equality of Citizens
  • Transparency, accountability and responsibility
  • Impartiality
  • Efficiently and effectively use of tax and public finance


       To become a public valued pillar with effective legislation through checks and balances to fulfill the public needs.